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I'm going to be honest. Your humble narrator's bowels are on overdrive, and his stomach is churning like a washing machine full of rabid badgers and acid. I still want to give you a Page of Shame, though, so I'm going to make this quick. That's probably for the better, anyway.

georgelazenby must be colorblind. Either that, or he's too stupid to understand the differences between grayscale and color. Thanks for not trying, though. We appreciate it.

Lolledopke should probably have come up with a better way of adding in the melting face guy from what I assume is Indiana Jones. This image just seems awfully dreadful, like the sort of thing you'd show someone if you were trying to scare him or her away from being a horrible failure.

NinjaHunter went for the old classic "Insert a Monty Python Joke" gag, which is just funny as all hell. Great job blending it with the original painting so that it at least looks like you did some work at some point in time. Next time tell your manager at Arby's you need a longer break, because these five-minute jobs just don't cut it.

ThorGodofT made this wonderful adventure in mismatched graphics. We have a nice crisp base here, and a shitty image grabbed from the web and scaled upward so that it's all blurry and ugly pasted in. The amazing thing about bitmap graphics is that the more you enlarge them, the uglier they look. I know that probably sounds like the type of heresy you'd hear spoken by a great wizard, but I assure you that it's the gospel truth.

Topkid is usually pretty good, but he apparently lost his hands in some sort of accident and had to make this using the bloodied stumps at the end of his arms. As you can see, he just abruptly cut off Vader, didn't really even bother removing God from behind him, and then did a swell job mangling poor old Mark Hammel's face. This is how crap is created. His other rejected entry this week was a 9/11 joke, which was specifically forbidden on grounds that we've milked that topic to death. Way to be on top of the game, ace!

unitedkronos is a big fucking doofus, plain and simple. I suppose he's got a bullet time joke here, but man if he didn't do a miserable job executing it. If not for the fact I hate to see a good bus damaged, I'd pray for you to be hit by one, unitedkronos. You shame us all.


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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