I was pretty satisfied as a whole with the images submitted for this theme, but there were some stinkers. Please sit back and relax as I scream in your ear with a megaphone from atop my mighty high horse.

Let us all take a moment out of our lives to thank GeodeJade87 for this great and fantastic image. Now let us take a moment to collectively vomit into the same bathtub. Now let us take turns holding GeodeJade87 under the vomit until no more bubbles rise to the surface. This picture so stupid I can't even tell if it's offensive to anyone other than people who don't like ugly images. The goal was to make pictures that look like magazine covers, not pictures that look like a failed art project from a second grader with some sort of brain tumor resulting from prolonged exposure to high tension power lines.

nicholmikey brings us some cutting edge humor straight from the abandoned retard factory. It takes a lot of effort to combine necrophilia, male stereotypes, the Canadian exchange rate, and body odor into one mangled mess of pixels, but in the end nicholmikey proved he was up to the task. For his next trick, I hope he combines his head with a sack of poisonous spiders.

Joydrop, a colossal waste of oxygen and freshly banned SA Forums dramawhore, submitted this terrible atrocity. Joydrop, previously known and featured on older Pages of Shame as Marionette, really, really, really stinks to high hog heaven at Photoshop. In spite of this and her many other mental and physical handicaps, she doesn't know when to quit and thus we all suffer. But seeing as how she is some kind of whore, I assume this must just be some hip new information age way of spreading STDs to countless partners. Congratulations everybody, your eyes now have gonorrhea!


– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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