Canned Panda* singles this guy out, I want to think because of how his hands are posed.

Aishlinn imagines some kind of wacky fluorescent bulb wielding man. Fun!

Palpek is a collector of classic Hollywood anecdotes about diarrhea. Especially racist ones.

Wifi Toilet likes real sports! The kind invented to appeal to the 1997 school book-fair crowd.

Oof, okay itry , I'm gonna guess... that third Chris Nolan Batman movie? A reverse image search gave a bunch of mangled results about some old Bane meme, that's all I got.

What makes this image is Bronze Fonz hue-shifting the turban to match the jersey. It's the little touches.

I like to think this band is also named Lux Animus. That's about right for a sax-and-drums duo and their band teacher.

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