Okay I'll give Canned Panda* a break. I'm the moron who watermarked some of but not all of these source images. We all make mistakes.

A bold move by Egbert Souse: most years this thread is joke-free! Ha cha cha!

Bronze Fonz practices the more traditional "alternative humor".

More Canned Panda* please! Kids love the taste, moms love the fiber!

This image by Mammal Sauce is probably enough to get you jailed in Texas if you look at it within five miles of a school. Yeah you're doing the mental geography right now aren't you?

Activision Blizzard decided to strip Effective-Disorder of their E-Sports title for making this image, it's part of their ongoing "we hate our fans" campaign.

This Stanky Bean animation might need some context. This video is that context.

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