It's no real secret that some themes we do work a lot better than others. This week is one of those themes that didn't work very well at all, which is my fault, since I had a pretty good hunch it wouldn't work. But still, in the interest of science and making sure we exhaust every possibility of things to digitally ruin, I thought it would be a good idea to scratch political cartoons off the list. It's not a complete tragedy, and in fact a number of the images are quite enjoyable, but overall, it's low impact and probably not the bare-knuckle assault to your prostate you've come to expect from us. The show must go on, so "Political Cartoons" it is! Thanks to the SA Forum Goons for being real troopers through an awfully boring assignment.

Tupacca doesn't beat around the bush unless that bush calls him yellow.

Unkempt strikes you for 20 points! You are paralyzed.

allgore's rims don't stop spinning!

ChuckF paints like grandpa on drugs.

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