As we are well into the DVD revolution, VHS tapes are quickly fading off into the sunset. While stores clear out shelves to make room for DVDs, there is still a large volume of old movies, documentaries, educational films, and other oddities available on VHS. Some of the things you can find on VHS are rather frightening, but probably not as frightening at what we have in this Phriday. In honor of Kwanzaa, the Jewish New Year, we're holding our very own SA Goon VHS yard sale. All our old tapes must go!

Join geno1173 and the colonel on an erotic journey through the chicken coop.

TerrapinAirship makes me want to slit Steve's throat. I'll do it, I swear I will.

nicrosin dreams of eating a seeing eye dog.

Livestock is made out of Plexiglas.

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