Florida Marlins

  • Removed restriction requiring all trade-ins and free agent signings to have at least three syllables and an accent mark in their first name.
  • Fixed animation glitch that caused Dontrelle Willis to stand on one leg and scoot around the field like Gumby.
  • Replaced placeholder graphic in stands that said "insert old people and Mexicans."

Houston Astros

  • Removed "(Texans Hate Geography)" from "Central Division" marker.
  • Announcer no longer says "he must have found out his daughter is dating a black guy" when camera zooms in on a fan leaving Minute Maid Park.

Kansas City Royals

  • Fixed glitch that caused Xbox 360 processors to catch fire when caluclating team ERA.
  • Fred Phelps no longer listed as a member of the active roster.
  • If a hit ball touches the man gathering nightcrawlers near the right field wall the batter is automatically out.
  • Curveball physics no longer denounced as witchcraft by fans.
  • Realistic "Mike Sweeney Injury Mode" includes season-ending injuries when player comes in contact with other players, benches, pants, warm air, errant oxygen atoms, etc.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • Fans no longer allowed refunds after fourth inning in Franchise Mode.
  • Removed trivia tidbit claiming team is "Like the Clippers to LA, only maybe a little better at basketball."

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Announcers no longer say "Going out the way he came in" in reference to Hispanic players jumping barricades to catch foul balls.

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Added factoid about team nearly being named "Milwaukee Incest" to Trivia.
  • Miller Park now tilts to the left to indicate female seating section.
  • Sign saying "Black people: Please do not bust out windows" removed from area behind outfield seating.

Minnesota Twins

  • Fixed Johan Santana facial model to assure he looks like a retard every time the camera focuses on him.
  • Game no longer challenges players to read through team's pitching roster out loud without laughing.

New York Mets

  • Club no longer referred to as "The K-Mart of New York Baseball."
  • Advanced voice recognition technology allows controller to violently shock any player who says "subway series" in reference to games with the Yankees.
  • Age verification no longer informs teenage players that Juilo Franco has been in the MLB "longer than you've been alive."

New York Yankees

  • Fixed glitch that renamed Alex Rodriguez to "soulless locker room tumor who'd call his mother a whore in front of a priest for $3.75 and a handjob from ESPN."
  • Announcer no longer accuses choking relievers of "trying to piss on Catfish Hunter's grave but hitting Steinbrenner's."
  • Removed Team History entry saying Brien Taylor was "a flight lesson away from making a real impact on New York."
  • ESRB rating instantly changes to "M" for anyone who has a headset and plays as the Yankees in Online Mode.

Oakland Athletics

  • Removed intro video of Billy Beane saying the club will keep its color scheme "just to infuriate and confuse Raiders fans."
  • Mike Pizza no longer comes to the plate by rising from a grave behind the umpire.
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