Satoru Iwata is the President of Nintendo Co., Ltd. In a regular feature for the company's website, Iwata Asks key figures within Nintendo about the process of creating games and hardware. Today he sits down with Mario Galaxy 2 designer (and series creator) Shigeru Miyamoto.

IwataMiyamoto-san, looking back at the history of the Mario series up until now, we have only released one 3D Mario per gaming platform.
MiyamotoYes, that's right.
IwataBut Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be the second one for the Wii console. How does Mario feel about this? Does he resent being overworked or does his plumbing heritage allow him to welcome the challenge with pride?
MiyamotoWell, Mario is, of course, a fictional character. (laughs)

IwataNo, I believe you are incorrect. I have heard his voice while playing.
MiyamotoI - yes, perhaps that is true. Perhaps I am mistaken.
IwataOne thing I noticed early on in the development for Super Mario Galaxy 2 was that people were hiding behind plants in the office, watching me closely to glean secrets. I would quickly spin around with my arms out to my sides to catch them in the act, but they would be gone.

This did not happen when the original Super Mario Galaxy was being made.

I suppose my question is this: Office plants????

MiyamotoHm. As you know, my love of gardening led to the creation of Pikmin, so I know a little something about plants. Traditionally they are suited to the outdoors, but in modern life they have adapted and even thrived in settings such as the Nintendo headquarters.

That said, your question raises some fascinating concerns. I suppose the answer is, yes, office plants.

IwataHow do you feel about my suit? Mind you, I made it myself, in this very conference room just before you arrived. Using nothing but carpet fibers and excess buttons from the speakerphone.

Answer carefully! (laughs)

MiyamotoYour suit is -
IwataCan I meet Mario? Is that something you can... is there any way to arrange that?
MiyamotoI'll certainly try my best to make something like that happen.

IwataYou never answered my question about this suit. Tell me, how do humans reproduce? Everyone has been very elusive with me about this question for a very long time. I believe I have a right to know.
MiyamotoThis is not something I was prepared for, but I will do my best. When a mommy dinosaur eats too many peaches, her stomach becomes very full. Soon an egg emerges. Some time later, a human is born.

Of course, when a ghost gets involved the process is more complicated, but those are the basics.

IwataAh, yes, that is what I thought. You have only confirmed my suspicions. Do not swell with pride.
MiyamotoI won't, sir.

IwataFor my last question, you should prepare yourself to be amazed.
MiyamotoOf course.
IwataCan you see me? Have I become invisible?
MiyamotoI can still see you. You appear to be exactly as you were before you asked the question, but with your shoulders hunched a bit and an expectant look upon your face.
IwataPerfect! It worked!

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Red Dead Redemption
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Race like a big boy that plays kart racers which borrow heavily from (then make fun of) better games. 6/10

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Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
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Super Mario Galaxy 2
Anyone calling this Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 has either played through that many levels or is genuinely disappointed that the plot involves Bowser kidnapping the princess. 10/10

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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