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I don't understand all the hoopla surrounding Half Life 2. I mean, Christ, the game has more security than LAX. Go within 50 feet of Valve headquarters and a giant telsa coil rises up from the ground and shoots 5,000,000 volts of electricity into your penis. Come on, it's just a video game! Sure, I want to glue milk crates to dune buggies as much as anyone but I have enough sense to not make a fool of myself on Valve's official forums. The Steam forums are like every single Half Life and Counter-Strike website rolled into one. It's the nexus of morons who, for some reason, insist on playing de_dust 24/7. Hey, I'm not one to judge but seriously, r0x0rAWP0wnj00666, your mother is worried about you.

Yeah, okay, let's throw down.

That's so funny I forgot to laugh.

Hey! Meet my friend! His name is Period! I hope you guys get along!

Clever girl...

no ur a *****

Hey, I'm convinced! Everybody open their wallets so we can get called a faggot by l33tsnypa32.

Good one bro!

Well if the starving coloureds were given a computer and a Steam account they'd bitch about it not working too.

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