Wrestling Role-Play Forums

Next up we have another group of men who would also love to suck themselves off, the wrestling role-players. As if the real thing wasn't fake enough.

Game Winners has three, count 'em, three wrestling forums. By the way, what the hell is Gym Leader Castle? I was too afraid to click on that one.

It would be awesome to be a wrestler whose legacy is getting shot by a bunch of Japanese gangsters.

Unfortunately I have the largest testicles due to a cancerous tumor.

How does the tutoring work in role playing wrestling forums? "Okay here's what you do, write a bunch of stupid shit about imaginary men in underwear, spell everything wrong, and then post it for all of us to laugh at."

This is one of the after fight results. They take this role playing shit so seriously. I've got to give them an A for effort. And a B for batshit insane.

"Scotty 2 Hotty" is the best name for a wrestler since "Gold Dust".

It's never good to be in Wyoming.

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