When "SonGokou1685" dies his headstone will read, "Likes most J-Pop".

Oh that's easy.
1. Nicole Kidman
2. Mom
3. Dad


Hahahahaha... eh...

"Loki DeNiro" has some very vivid dreams.

What a moron! He forgot the fight between SSJ Goku Saiyan and Super Vegita Z Chibi MAJIN GOKU CLONE KILLER.

Thirteen year olds. Sigh.

People who don't speak Japanese, and yet say or type Japanese words, have a kind of mental condition where they are ashamed of who they are and wish to be something else. You know this guy is laying in bed at night wondering why he had to be born in the United States and can't know the joys of groping some school girl on the subway ride home. I mean, hey, it's great to learn another language and all but come on, we know you want to learn that shit so you can watch anime without the subtitles.

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