Those Tshirt Hell shirts are so wild and offensive! My grandma came over once and she spit her dentures out so hard they ricocheted off the coffee table and the TV, and then nailed her in the back of the head! Then she read the shirt.

Lord knows we have to keep the racist hate forum looking orderly.

It wouldn't be fair to say "Adolf88" is a simple idiot. He probably had work hard to become this stupid.

Who cares? It's the 90's.

I don't understand pretty much the entirety of it, up to and including why it exists in the first place.

Yeah good call on that one, Pete.


That's all for this week. Thanks to my forum friends eatingmeals, ImTallGermanJerry, decoy octopus, Minty, Adam Kensai, Capt. Lollercaust, nancy farmer, doublehawk00, The Admiral, Blaber66, butt cream, Jumpman16, TheKingPuuChuu, fognl, gigantic drill, Doctor Nick, dsmurf, Krieg748, RjY, A Certain Ratio, a moose lol, Axl, BIZORT, DoubleBumFun, kingcobweb, menth0l, RollerBob, amiches, Sireg, Boofasten, dangly_poo, and sturr.

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– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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