Sangre means blood. The only reason I know that is because there used to be a commercial for a Sanford and Son VHS box set, and in it the Puerto Rican guy gave Fred a drink called "sangria" which he spit all over the place because the guy told him the word meant blood. I know someone out there knows the commercial I'm talking about.

This has to be the most convoluted way to hit on a weirdo ever.

Both of these guys are two sides of the same coin. A really, really stupid coin.

It says other words but all it sounds like is "Moooooommmm, we're out of Count Chocula!"

I'm feel just like this guy except it's water instead of blood and also I am not a worthless waste of life.

When people have orgies there are probably always a couple of guys that get really weird and then they don't get invited back to the next one.

Think about this next time you're outside on a happy day looking at the pretty clouds.

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