Ever watch TV with a goofball friend or family member? One who doesn't seem to understand or care that the performers on the screen can't hear what they're saying? Probably an uncle, because that sounds like something an uncle would do. Or maybe an aunt. Either way, yelling at the TV is a tradition dating way back to the early days of television, when yelling at inanimate objects was an accepted and honorable practice. Actually I'm just making this up as I go based on how I've seen old people behave. The point is, crazy folk like to yell at the TV when they get all excited about their programs, and some of our own Something Awful forum posters are no exception, only instead of yelling with voices they yell with their keyboards. Why are they allowed to do this, especially on a forum system known for its well-mannered and orderly tone of discussion? Because frankly, most of us think it's funny as hell.

First up is a bit of the thread from NBC's The Office season 2 finale. This page will probably spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet and you don't want to know what happened, so there's your warning. It's safe to say a lot of folks found the episode very exciting and it's reflected pretty well in this enormous screenshot.

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