Ron Paul can count on the goon vote. Unfortunately election day and McDonald's $1 chicken nugget Tuesday fall on the same day next year.

She ends up never returning to her thread and giving said advice. THANKS FOR NOTHING BITCH. Now Cody won't like me ever :(

Being boy crazy is just a phase you'll grow out of. I did.

This is the weirdest role-play thread I have ever seen. These are all from the same thread. It gets really creepy.


Okay we won't go to Hot Topic! Jeez!

I don't just role-play fag bashing, I live it.

Make the TVs fight the war!

Special thanks to dogcube, Radio F Software, Roguestar, tao, Mitochondria Eve, Hawkstein, esc, and Zorak.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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