Some people get angry about the kinds of things we do here at Something Awful. Some may email us and call us horrible monsters. Others may cry. Others will cope in their own private way. But I want all of you to know that I truly love God's fuckups, each and every one. Without you there would be no one to make us look better by comparison.

Melbourne Underage

The term imbecile is thrown around all too often these days, but our first forum shows us what it truly means to be a blithering fool.

I am of the belief that the more loose a chick is the heavier she is. Fat ugly broads need to "work" more to get guys.

I told you.

All I got from this post is that this guy might be expelled. For the sake of the other kids in the school I am glad.

YO I am the crazy duck
This post really sucks

OMG OMG OMG what if you people stopped breathing!!! You'd be even more like Romero and Juliet.

If you can manage to read this image I assure you it's pretty dumb.

I can't imagine how you can say so little with so many words.

"suspicious_ethinic*" put all his periods in one place. They need to be scattered around there buddy.

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