The problem here is that every guy has fantasized about every woman having lesbian sex. It's not news folks.

The funny thing about this is that no matter what a woman says most guys here some variant of "I want to have sex." If the script called for Phoebe to say, "What?" to Rachel, male viewers would hear, "I want to fuck you in the ass with a dildo and suck your clit until you cum in my face."

This happens every fucking night at work. That's what you get for working in Santa Ana.

Where does this EVER happen?! And why doesn't it happen to me?! I read those stories about teachers having sex with students and I think, "How do I enroll in that school? Yeah baby I can keep a secret."

If only it were this easy for heterosexual males. Want to fuck within the hour? Become homosexual and post a thread.

"jessygurl" won't be taking any calls. She has a prostate exam today.

Candace Cameron.

You could say you just had sex with a cockroach and these people would still welcome you with open arms.

They should make ejaculating for distance an olympic sport. Why not? Probably bunch of uptight assholes running those things anyway.

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