Whatever happened to being a guy who liked big tits and full round asses? The more I do Weekend Web the more I realize that guys like us are the last of a dying breed. All over the Internet there are people who like to dress up like foxes and have sex with each other and guys who can only get off by rubbing up against balloons. At Crush Talk people like to jerk off to depictions of women crushing things like bugs. I'd like to say I've seen it all, but there's always next week.

You mean there's fellatio on a porno site?! Ugh, nasty! I'm only into good, wholesome Christian activities like getting my ballsack crushed until I pass out.

One time my girlfriend shot me after we got into a heated argument. Suffice to say this turned me on a lot and I told her to shoot me again and she did and we had the best sex of our lives.

Oh yes baby. More! More!!! Show that spider who's boss.

This is a real man who knows what he wants and how to get it.

He's serious.

My cat does this to flies. It doesn't turn me on of course but she enjoys it.

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