I love you lisa, submitted by Giantrobo!. I can't take too many swings at online romance because I met that special someone here on the Something Awful forums. I draw the self-restraint line at MMORPG romance. People who fall in love while pretending to be wizards and gnomes in a video game are about as sad as a picture of a puppy that got run over by a truck full of orphans.

My Favorite things about Lisa...
Good looking
the best person in the world

"I fell over in my wheel chair and it disconnected me."

"Wanna learn how to play the sex (sax)"

Doggy style in NFP

"wench_01 reporting for duty"

If this site had any more nerd in-jokes it would be a comment thread on Slash Dot. That's pretty much all of the text content on the site by the way, the rest of the content is a series of horribly sized photos of the two lovebirds in real life. To their credit, they aren't as insanely ugly as I would have imagined and one of them actually seems like it might be female. To their endless discredit they did still meet while PvPing, LOLing, and AFKing.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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