SBP's Anti-Mac Homepage, submitted by oberon. D00D, MACS SUXZ LOL!!!1 Mr. "SBP," which I assume stands for "Some Braindead Person," has created what could possibly be the greatest anti-Mac site on the Internet. That really isn't much of a compliment especially since the anti-Mac obsessed retards seem to have the comprehension and design skills of your average deceased hobo. I think one of the reasons Mr. SBP hates Macs so much is because they can't pick up and display his brilliant color scheme of "black text on a black background." This page is chock full of meaningful facts, colorful illustrations, and also a whole shitload of worthless crap. I almost forgot about that last part.

Technichal Reasons to Hate Macs:
One mouse button, less functions
Some Macs have monitors built in to the machine, bad if you need to replace or upgrade the monitor
Hardly any software available for Macs compared to software available to PCs
Hardly any hardware available for Macs compared to hardware available to PCs
Existing hardware/software for Mac is usually very costly

Philosophical Reasons to Hate Macs
Mac users are easily offended (No doubt about this one)
Little babies like Macs (corny kid software abundant)
Most rich snobs use Macs
Any computer that smiles at you can't be good

I have to admit that the graphic illustrations on this page are second to none. They are all first-rate, beautiful, skillfully designed masterpieces that should be printed out on a Mac and framed on a wall somewhere, preferably in a restroom at Denny's. Gaze upon the raw talent, folks!

I don't know about you, but this site certainly makes me proud to own a PC! Go team! USA!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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