ATiH Top Infant Memorials, submitted by Bowie. It is not a secret of the ages that I am having a large son who I am very proud of his strengths and brawn and somewhat brain. He is a good boy and he is built like a very powerful ox and I know one day he will go and do whatever it is he is wanting. Some people have problem with sons though and they are keeling over from an untimed demise. Some mother is even giving birth to a baby who is already in the graves! This is so sad, which is why it is bright spot on dark horizon to see a site like ATIH Top Infant Memories sites.

You can vote to the tops of the list the memorials of the dead baby you think is the number one. It is like single elimination Bad Brawl in Tijuana but instead of living wrestling-types you have the dead baby-types competing for number one spot. It is warming my hearts! Even high-stakes world of dead baby top sites there is much rudos and the top site referee is making to say a very sad state of affairs in dead baby industry.

NOTE: Please do not vote for your site more than once per 24 hour period. Cheating takes away the fun and is unfair to other members who are being honest.

There is nothing that is being sacred! If you are not respecting the rules of dead baby competition what hope is there for the laws of man kinds?!? If you vote on one of the top dead baby sites I am asking from my heart of the hearts to not be voting more than once in 24 hour period! It is the law of the land!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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