The Star Girls From Planet Groove, submitted by Banjodark. I guess that this is supposed to be a band or something but I really just can't tell what is going on here aside from the obvious horribleness. When you click on the below image on their page you get a message that says "Connecting to the Starship" and some awful music plays.

Calling all Star Kids from Planet Earth
The Star Girls have landed!!
They've flown all the way from Planet Groove,
Sped past planets and danced on the moon,
Spun on Saturn and made milkshakes on Mars.
They're out of this world: Yeah - they're super stars!!

The STAR GIRLS will take you on a fantasmagorical
Nonstop interactive cosmic adventure filled with fun & excitement

Angel, Cheeky, Dream, Smiley and Twinkle
Together with DJ, Crash & Friends are ready to
Blast off into outer space with a Super Sonic show
That is out of this world!

From take off to touchdown, the Star Girls
Will zap you with their catchy songs and incredible energy.
These cool cosmic travelers will have you moving and grooving
To the coolest sounds this side of the Galaxy.


Hmm, okay. How about "no?"

– Snakey Slithers

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