Imaging By Design, submitted by Grzydj. Recounting that clown story took a lot out of me so I will be fairly brief with today's ALoD. Horribly designed sites belonging to self-proclaimed web designers are one of the most pathetic things on the Internet. Maybe as pathetic as a furry artist and almost as pathetic as a furry artist who draws "unbirth" or "vore" art (don't ask). Every single one of them also belongs to the ultimate badge of shitty web designer: The HTML Writers Guild.

We create attractive cost efficient websites that will draw visitors and customers to your business or personal web pages. We accomplish this by being aware of what people are looking for when visiting a website, why they stay, why they return or unfortunately why they surf away.

That's great generic ad copy, but might I point out that your site's entire side navigation is non functional? How about the fact that your images don't match, you used animated GIFs on almost every page, and what images aren't full of compression artifacts are surrounded by shitty stray pixels? Way to sell yourselves fucknauts.

Be sure to check out their horrid photography sections in which they take pictures of medical mutations and then airbrush them.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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