Disability Grapevine: Comics, submitted by William. There are a lot of ways to be going towards an upstanding education for lasting of the years to come. They can take away your knees, and possibly your hands, also your shoes, and good cape, but they are not taking away your education. One sources of education I am taking the advantages of is the hilarious and smartest cat on the funny pages "Garfields". That cat is making me laugh until my sides rip open and all the mirth is spilling out in a red pool on the floors. He likes lasagna, and it is about not giving 110% and sleeping under a blanket, but brains overcome brawns (Odie) and Garfield is winning outs.

Some of my most important lessons for the squared circles comes from the very mouths of Garfield and witty owner Jon! Believe it or do not believe it! There is also this comic on the computer pages called "Disability Grapes Comics" and this is what my story about the links in the Someone Awesome book is about today. This is a very good comic, almost as good as Garfield, and if you are having a disability it is maybe better than Garfield by as much as three or four.

Those cripples are cut ups! Yours Truly can joke because some of my best friends are cripples, like Major General Hospital and The Sixty Thousand Dollar Man, both are amazing wrestler to this day. This is because they are making to read inspiring comics like Garfield and Disability Grapes and they are then giving 110% to show they are better because of and not in spite of their injury they are receiving from overturned travel bus. I have to give this site a thumbs upward when it is coming to the power of lives great lessons.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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