White Power Web Hosting, submitted by Mr. Toad's Sexy Ride. Regular old web hosting providers full up with all manner of minorities that don't represent the proud and ancient tradition of white weblogs? Look no further than White Power Web Hosting, the best whites-only internet service provider in the world!

Welcome to White Power Hosting, the leaders in Pro-White web hosting. Today's Internet is infested with over priced, ZOG owned Hosting companies. We are your solution to this nasty plague of Jew owned servers. Here at White Power Hosting all members of our staff are Nationalist comitted to our cause. We offer a quality service at an affordable price, along with a highly knowledgeable support staff.

Hooray! I am so sick of these filthy Jew servers! I am at my wit's end from kneeling to Zod or whatever and I think it's high time I get me some hosting somewhere that supports whites!

Honestly I would hate to work tech support there. You think it fucking sucks working tech support at a normal ISP or hosting facility, just imagine the morons these guys have to deal with.

White Power Hosting: Thanks for calling White Power Hosting, where every white smile is matched by a white face, how can I help you?

Customer: Uhhhh yeah, I'm tryin' to put this dead nigger into my computer and make him be on your internet there but where do I put him in my computer? There's no nigger slot.

White Power Hosting: Sir, do you have a scanner? Put the picture into the scanner-

Customer: Oi! This ain't no scanner this is a real live dead nigger! I got his hand jammed up inside the part where the plastic discs go, should I just keep pushing until his whole arm goes inside?

Not only do they offer great white-only help desk service, but they also offer web design through their "subsidiary" Aryan Design!

With Aryan Designs, all your design needs are provided for, we'll create a pleasing result without going over your budget. Corporate identities to a complete website from scratch, Aryan Designs provides not only a hosting and design service for your business, but we would like to look after your business in the long run.

Fantastic! Now my pan-national corporation can finally get the whites-only presence I've been aiming for in my multimedia marketing! Thank you Aryan Designs for proving that white really does make right when it comes to web hosting and web design!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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