Welcome to the World of Steve Quayle™, submitted by Coast to Coast AM. Stephen Quayle knows when the terrorists will strike. Stephen Quayle knows where the terrorists will strike. Stephen Quayle also knows about the asteroids which are about to kill us all, the heat waves which will kill us all, the "Red Mercury" which will kill us all, and Cuba's nuclear arsenal which will kill us all. Stephen Quayle is indeed very well versed in deathology, and we should all be thankful that when we die, Stephen Quayle will have predicted it in some way or another because hell, he's pretty much covered every possible way we can die. Well, except death from choking on a whale penis while the Comedy King of Music City, Ray Stevens, plays in the background.

Our elected officials know that biological and chemical attacks are possible -- and have even occurred. They also apparently think it is possible to survive such attacks since they have been busy building shelters for themselves and buying gas masks for use by congressmen and their staffs. But our "fearless leaders" don’t seem to care whether you or your loved ones survive. At least these leaders don’t care enough to spend a few dollars to issue gas masks to our citizens, or (as this is being written) to start a viable civil defense program that will teach people what to do to minimize their risks during such attacks.

OK, so you've got your beans, rice, powdered milk stored. You know to add water to get a survival meal. Pa-toui ! Yuck! But wouldn't you like to eat GREAT?? If you want to serve yummy meals with your long-term stored foods, ya gotta check out Shari Haag's The Everyday Gourmet. Stan and I have this book. We've given it as a gift to both homemakers and people who aren't into preparedness. Both camps are thrilled with this delightful, delicious, easy-to-use cookbook. How can "simple" taste so good! Want some free recipes??? Just follow the links - Holly Deyo

Oh yeah, did I mention that Stephen Quayle is also obsessed with photographs of giants? Well he is, and for some odd reason, that really doesn't strike me as very odd after reading the rest of the nonsense on his site.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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