Mega Kids And Teens, submitted by derekcalavera. It's a pretty well known fact that folks on the Internet have some pretty screwed up fetishes. Some folks would love nothing better than to engage in anal intercourse with a humanoid horse sporting nine breasts that have little nipple penises constantly spurting out semen. These people spend hours drawing "erotic" pictures which they can use to transport their mind into some wacky fantasy world where their innermost desires will be fulfilled and they can successfully masturbate. So what's more pathetic than spending hours of time working on weird images you can jack off to? Well how about spending hours of time working on weird images that you can't jack off to?

If you're new here then to explain this site in short terms, it is about pictures of anyone under the age of 20 either growing to huge sizes or shrink to a size of a doll, bug or even smaller! These pictures aren't real of course, but made by talented artists and average people alike. As most may or may not know, there are numerous sites relating to Giant Adults, almost none for kids, and those sites can get kind of dirty (Sex, Naked). This site will not have any of those. There are guidelines for posting pictures and more, see below.

Right infront of him the mail man shrunk down to 4inches. The mail man didnt know what was going on but Marks giant hand quickly reached down and picked the man up and ran back into his house and back into his room. He then placed the man on his bed and began analizing him. The mailman quickly stood up and said "What is going on here what did you do to me!!" Mark plucked the man with his giant fingers knocking the man on his butt. "I would shut up if i were you mailman, I am your Master and you are my slave get use to it but if you got a problem maybe ill eat you, or better yet ill crush you under my foot!!" mark said angrily.

So... uh... what?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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