Hour of the Time - MAJESTYTWELVE, submitted by me. We all know that NASA was created by the freemasons to create the illusion that space travel is possible when it really isn't. What we didn't know was how boring some conspiracy theories can be. About halfway down this particular page, while trying to explain exactly why humans can't possibly travel through space due to temperatures that our primitive technology can't possibly overcome, this guy goes into nearly a dozen paragraphs about Thermoses. I'm not sure what fake space travel has to do with a Thermos, but if it my hot cocoa stays hot then I'm all for it.

In addition most, if not all, of the photos, films, and videotape of the Apollo Moon Missions are easily proven to be fake. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of photography, lighting, and physics can easily prove that NASA faked the visual records of the Apollo Space Program. Some are so obviously fake that when the discrepancies are pointed out to unsuspecting viewers an audible gasp has been heard. Some have actually gone into a mild state of shock. Some People break down and cry. I have seen others become so angry that they have ripped the offending photos to shreds while screaming incoherently.

He fails to mention that the "unsuspecting viewers" are babies.

– State Og Representative

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