Arend Studios Ltd., submitted by ApocryaPhil. Arend Studios Ltd makes and sells custom mascots for businesses. In fact, their motto is "We're All About Mascots", so I assume despite their dubious examples in the gallery, they really are all about mascots and not about making fetish costumes for furries. Right? Please?


Have your own design ideas in mind? We bring your character to life with a custom made costume or mask to suit your desire, for a wide variety of price ranges.

It turns out that Arend Studios used to be known as "WhiteFox" and has been making furry costumes for some time now. I wonder if the girl wearing the rabbit suit for the cancer fundraiser knows that the same semen-encrusted fingers that sewed her rabbit suit's head lining into place also hot-glued a rubberized cock-liner into a rhinocerus suit on the same day?

The good news is that they do cleaning and repairs. The bad news is that they do cleaning and repairs.

From time-to-time, general wear on a costume may require repairs (reinforcing seams, fixing tears, or cleaning out stains).

I wonder if "general wear" includes friction balding to the groin of my Sparky the Dog suit?

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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