Man2Man Fight Club, submitted by Johnny Rickshaw. As if the shitty Fight Club video game wasn't enough, here comes the Man2Man Fight Club, where "real guys face off and punch the cum out of each other!" Groups of blurry men get together to beat each other to a pulp for sexual pleasure and tape it. They also take the time to have cigars protrude from their mouths in every possible picture. You know, in case you didn't catch on to the subtly homosexual theme of the site.

For the record, I'd be just as disgusted if the site featured men and women beating each other, an orgy/barfight, or a schizophrenic man hitting himself in the crotch with a brick. The site just plain makes you feel weird, from your first encounter with the menu composed of horribly compressed images until you eventually peruse the gallery and come across this towering specimen of strength.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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