Sherrie's Harem, submitted by Chris. Girl likes anime, makes website in a desperate attempt to kill her lonely. Watching Sherrie's gorgeous prose explode onto the blank page is like watching a prophet transcribe the holy testament of heaven itself. Her writing is epic in scope and unblinking in its insights into the human condition.

I finally decided to move Souzou up to the number two slot of my harem. Truthfully, I adore the man. It's amazing he managed to get so high - he only appears in a few episodes of Rurouni Kenshin, usually as a ghost or in a flashback. But he still leaves an impression. My jaw hit the floor the second I saw him. He's absolutely gorgeous. His hair falls into his face, his eyes are beautiful... And he dresses in uniform. (I hate admitting it, but I love boys in uniform...) Aside from the looks, however, Captain Sagara is a kind, compassionate person. He accepts his fate sadly but honorably, and at the same time, he showed no anger towards those who wrongly accused him or his army. He taught his men to respect others, despite what happened. I would marry him if he asked me to - and I can't say that about all my haremmembers!

I honestly hope Sherrie's dream of marrying Captain Souzou comes true someday. And when that day comes I'll be there at the wedding to share in the awesomegasming. I can tell by the giant raindrop floating over your head that you don't want to buy any potion berries today. If you ever change your mind, though, I'll be here on this computer screen until the underground missile silos open up and launch their deadly contents to all four corners of the internet.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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