Prussian Blue, submitted by PooButt. Two cute, adorable 11-year old girls play the guitar and sing about topics dear to their hearts. Unfortunately, these topics all revolve around white supremacy and the use of race wars to eliminate those other, "inferior" races. Oh what a goofy world we live in!

Times are very tough now For a proud White man to live. And although it may appear That this world has no life to give, Times are soon changing, This cant go on for long. And on that joyful summer’s day We’ll sing our Victory song…..

The women, they’ll smile, on Victory Day. And the children, they’ll laugh And they’ll sing and they’ll play, And the forests will echo our grace, For the brand new dawn of our Race…

Hooray for cute, adorable 11-year old bigots supporting genocide and civil wars! Seriously though, stuff like this makes me pretty sad. I mean, these kids are too young to honestly form their own thoughts and opinions of the world around them, and every hour of every day of their lives for the past 11 years has been full of their parents, friends, and neighbors shoving this white-supremacy bullshit down their throats nonstop. They're pretty much brainwashed and damaged to the point of no return, their entire lives ruined by a single group of demented inbred hatemongers determined to instill the same fucked-up values in their kids which worked so well for them. I can't wait until "Lynx" and "Lamb" start squeezing out kids of their own in a few months, further propagating the species of filthy dumb white trash fucks with three thumbs each, constantly cursing the "black man" and every other minority more intelligent than they could ever hope to be. Maybe one day the government will step in a spray some kind of X-Files type fluid all over their idiot survival camps, making all the males sterile and giving all the females eggs that explode in a shower of embryonic destruction. If the white supremacists are so excited at the prospect of genocide, why don't we start by wiping their worthless asses off the planet first? I seriously doubt their army of rusting pickup trucks will pose a significant threat.

PS: They have a guestbook you can sign here, but I assume you may only do this if you're a pure white man. MINORITIES, GO WRITE YOUR FILTHY LIES SOMEWHERE ELSE!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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