Lorien Trust, submitted by TheDarkShirt. Welcome to the latest round of "let's dress up like elves and run around like weirdoes at the local park!" I have never understood the phenomenon of live action role-playing, but then I've somehow managed to maintain a small amount of what scientists call "dignity."

Have you seen "Lord of the Rings" or read the books?
Ever thought of taking part in a world of Magic, Elves, Dwarves & Goblins?
Yes, then why not try taking part in our fantasy adventure!

Liking "Lord of the Rings" is one thing, but building horrifyingly lame looking cardboard castles in your backyard so that you and two dozen of your acne-cursed friends can fantasize and beat each other off with Nerf swords is just plain wrong. Honestly, if it's exercise you want, go get some proper exercise. Take up jogging or wrestling or whatever. God forbid, take up karate and be one of those jackasses who talks about martial arts all day. Just don't be a nerd in a green tunic shooting rubber-tipped arrows at some obese butter troll hiding behind a castle made out of old refrigerator packaging. We're trying to have a human race here, and you're dragging us into the mud.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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