Jason Mulgrew, Internet Quasi-Celebrity, submitted by Jeremie. Jason Mulgrew has a blog and he wants everyone to know about it!

If you like the site (which means you are completely tasteless and sexually insecure), please pass it on. Send it via email to your “friends”, post it in your Dungeons & Dragons message boards, or use the “Spread the Word” link. Just get out the word, because if I don’t get famous soon I’m just gonna flip the fuck out.

Get the word out, folks. So why should you trumpet the greatness of this random blogger? Because for some insane reason he has been chosen as one of People Magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors!"

Suck that one down, Jared Leto. I'm sure he made that list by creating all manner of riveting and well-written articles about his intense adventures in being a bloganova.

Here are my picks:

JETS -6 over Dolphins
Ravens -4 over TITANS
Steelers -6 over TEXANS
COLTS -9 over Jaguars
BEARS +2 over Lions
Vikings +3 over BENGALS
EAGLES -13.5 over 49ers
Bills +2.5 over BUCS
Patriots -3 over PANTHERS
SEAHAWKS pk over Falcons
Rams +1 over CARDINALS
PACKERS -6.5 over Browns
Chargers +3 over BRONCOS
RAIDERS +1.5 over Chiefs
SAINTS +3 over Giants
COWBOYS -6 over Redskins

And here are my mom's picks:

Dolphins +6 over JETS
TITANS +4 over Ravens
Steelers -6 over Texans
COLTS -9 over Jaguars
Lions -2 over BEARS
Vikings +3 over BENGALS
EAGLES -13.5 over 49ers
BUCS -2.5 over Bills
Patriots -3 over PANTHERS
Falcons pk over SEAHAWKS
CARDINALS -1 over Rams
Browns +6.5 over PACKERS
BRONCOS -3 over Chargers
Chiefs -1.5 over RAIDERS
SAINTS +3 over Giants
COWBOYS -6 over Redskins

The good news is that we picked 9 of the 16 games differently, so it should be interesting.

It should be!!!! Oh man, forget him, did you see that awesome word I just made up back there? Blogonova is going to ride this RSS stream out to the Blogosphere and then hopefully be podcasted back to Urban Dictionary and then I will be one of the 50 hottest bachelors. Only they will call me a "real blogonova" of the "blogosphere blogderground."

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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