Witches' Voice Pagan Poetry, submitted by Orthodork. A staggeringly complete library of poetry by and for witches and pagans. Like most poetry it is terrible, but the magickal subject matter makes much of this hilariously terrible. What do witches write poems about?

A Dark Gift
Petals of silk
Color of night
A symbol of something
that doesn't like the light

The thorns are sharp
and they are strong
A mortal doesn't know
what they did wrong

It's beauty is rare
and hardly seen
No one knows where it was
or where it's been

You are attracted to it's beauty
the most in the land
A prick of blood
rolls down your hand

It falls and vanishes
into the night
You belong to them
never again to see the light

I don't know if I can fully comprehend such complex metaphors. Luckily, there is an author's note explaining the poem.

Author's Notes: The vampiric world is resembled by a black rose. It's beauty has never been matched by another. It's petals are perfect in shape, soft as silk, and the color of the night. However, beauty can be dangerous. The thorns are strong and very sharp. A light though could draw blood. But be careful, for if a mortal's blood was to fall onto a dark gift, that mortal would belong to the vampiric world.

The majority of the poems are about vampires, ghosts, werewolves and various other products copyrighted by White Wolf. Those that aren't are generally spells written in made up languages of forgotten made up druids. I can almost see a fat goth kid reciting one of them angrily in the direction of a football player in the high school hallway.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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