Wuzzle Bee's Pages, submitted by Seth. Washed up hippies create an acid trip site dedicated to peace, love, unity, and the most wonderful wave file opening sound to ever be presented on a webpage. After hearing their greeting intro grace my PC speakers, I can honestly admit that a tear rolled down my face. A tear of joy. And peace, love, and unity too.

Yes, I do think Cliff Yablonski hates these people.

Everyday can be a beautiful day when accepted the right way.I don't always do it myself, but I am working each & everyday to get there.You can help save our world one day at a time one person at a time. Even if the first person you start with is yourself. Smile at people you meet on the street - start out trying it one person a day & the next 2 and before you know it it will become a easy thing to do. Give a person the right of way to turn in front of you when traffic is heavy, open a door for someone. Start out little & work your way up until you feel good inside everytime you do it. It is a chain reaction , people will feel good about the small things you have done & will pass it on, without even realizing it. Be a friend to someone.Don't always expect them to be your friend without you returning the favor. Believe in them even when it seems the world is right & you are wrong. Be there for them until they prove they aren't a friend. I am not saying agree with all they do , but understand their feelings are real. I have poured my soul to people I thought were my friends only to find they took parts of my soul & lied & added things to them just to try to hurt me. I believed in them or I wouldn't have trusted them. Having somebody believe & trust in you is a valuable gift in todays world, to turn it into a weapon is so sad. So, remember, Friendship is never to be taken lightly, used or exploited. Be a friend and the friendship you give will be returned to you by somebody. Until that point you are teaching the true way of friendship. I believe that if I had three wishes, I would wish that the whole world believe & follow the LORD"S word and there would be no purpose to the other 2 wishes because the one wish would grant you more happiness than you could ever imagine. Until I get that wish , it is up to you to change the world one person at a time. You can say what is one person ? What is one smile ? One good deed ? What is $1.00 towards a charity ? Answer - As long as you look at the world as billions instead of one, as long as everyone takes that attitude we are doomed. But if you try & believe and everyone took it upon theirself for 1 smile a day , one good deed , $1.00 towards a charity - billions & billions of smiles, good deeds and dollars will go towards the betterment of our world. Isn't that what it is all about ?

Right. This page isn't nearly as horrid as the usual monstrosities featured here, but the opening wave file greeting is more than worth the price of admission. Watch out for the various horrible stories detailing the 1960's though, as they appear to be quite toxic. Before you leave, make sure you remember this:


– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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