TwoGuns/Badassbillycamp Page, submitted by Travis. Chubby fratboy with too much flab and not enough fashion sense designs a page dedicated to Photoshopping his face into various movie scenes and driving the rest of the free world insane. It works oh too well.

Yes... I am The Diabolical BadassBillyCamp. e-mail me at BADASSBILLYCAMP@HOTMAIL.COM Thanks for visiting the updated Twoguns page. If you are affiliated with any branch of law enforcement please go...... Because you are a Llama

Surprisingly enough, that's the largest block of text that I could find to quote anywhere on this website. The remaining 15,000,000 pages are crammed chock full o' fratboy faces in popular movie scenes. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, state and community colleges can now bring the painfully moronic experiences of the fraternity system straight to your home computer! Hooray for the digital age!

PS: There's a guestbook you can sign, but I'm sure you'll have to relate some of your exciting and action-packed fraternity stories there. How about the time you and your buddies Hank and "Wild Billy" got drunk and ended up in each other's underwear?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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