Doit4fun, submitted by giblin. Some of the worst, and yet most intriguing, clipart in existence can be found here at Doit4fun. Each GIF is a riddle waiting to be unlocked by an inquisitive and imaginative mind. I only wish this guy worked in the exciting new media frontier of GIF animation, although I think if he animated these things my brain might explode.

Tap into your creative energy. You too could turn your cartoons into money. If you love to draw like I do, Why not make it a full time business?

I can think of a few reasons why not, but they all come back to "YOU CANNOT FUCKING DRAW, MORON". By the way, the above picture (banana.gif on his site) caused quite a controversy between myself and R-Lo. He firmly believed that it was a picture of an anthropomorphic turd, and I was of the opinion that it was a boulder clutching a banana. The world may never know! As a fun game, try to figure out what the woman who has been laying face down in a pool of ink has sitting between her legs on what appears to be a giant dollar bill. Fun for the kids indeed!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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