The site's actual caption for this shot: "If you were ever curious what Renee Zellwegers feet looked like, you won't be after this."Have you ever come face to face with a beautiful woman and found yourself staring toward the floor, not because you were feeling shy and intimidated, but because you were primarily interested in ogling her feet? Then visit Feet Magazine, a Web site that really speaks to your preferences. Now that all the freaks have left to click links such as "The Passionate Feet of Charlize Theron," let's speak frankly about how their feelings are ugly and wrong. The following pictures depict a gorgeous actress and an attractive athlete, which would be wonderful if the photographers focused on literally any other part of their bodies. Instead, the camera captures ingrown leg stubble, circus-peanut toes and discolored nails in excruciating hi-res detail.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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