Upon first visiting Sissy Panty Buns, you'll encounter a lengthy discussion of censorship that's all "feigned rubric" this and "furtherance of the anti-sexuality, pro-corporate interest policies of that administration" that. In fact, you could spin the scroll wheel for quite a while before discovering anything on this site that would repel average Internet users, except the serious discussion and big-word text walls, two factors that, when combined, eliminate almost all of them. Anyway, this link will allow you to skip directly to a gallery filled with photos of an old dude wearing assorted sheer panties and flashing coy over-the-shoulder glances at the camera. This makes a bold statement about something.

These images are intended for ADULT WOMEN ONLY, so it's a good thing Sissy Panty Buns was submitted by "Sarah," an ADULT WOMAN. Despite being part of the site's intended demographic, Sarah finds it "totally creepy," but that works, because Panty Buns invites women to insult him! This leaves him vulnerable to the possibility of being tricked by men pretending to be women, but everyone knows that has never happened in the history of the Internet.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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