The Voynich Manuscipt has baffled code-crackers for centuries, so it's fair to say some people would do almost anything to decipher its inscrutable symbols. However, that "almost" likely excludes reading hundreds of pages of hackneyed thriller written by James "not the famous one" Rollins, or even reading an online synopsis of said thriller while being distracted by animated flames. In Asylum-like fashion, James K. Rollins bills The Voynich Project as "an Omega Force thriller," which, of course, should not be confused with James Rollins' popular SIGMA Force series.

The Voynich Project storyline combines Nazi occultists, Carl Jung, "future weapons," Druids and supernatural children. This is noteworthy solely because it inspired Rollins to include ridiculous graphic depictions of all of these elements on his site. There's also a random picture of Ali Larter (identified as "Ali Slater"), and lots of empty space decorated with the text "enter content here." Maybe that's all the Voynich Manuscipt really says, over and over again.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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