Chris Benoit Death Tape Parody

I figure that after writing nearly 20 AwfulVisions, if there's a hell, I'm probably already going there. That thought makes me feel much better about including this video.

(Of particular note are some of the comments this video has received. It seems that dumb drunk redneck wrestling fans will defend anything. To them, a man who beats his wife until she's unconscious and then chokes her to death and leaves a Bible by her body is living the American dream.)

Critic's Corner

"That was stupid... fucking shit, not even funny. Whoever laughs at that deserves to be killed."


"fuck you bitch who ever post thisÿ sutpid video...chris R.I.P"


"Fucking moron!!
you don't know what the fuck your talking about!
How dare someone make a video like this!
I'm outraged!"


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