tasty_crayon's Open-source Avenger is here to defeat the unspeakable evil of productivity.

If you have any idea what's happening in TurnpikeLad's image, you are either doing too many drugs or exactly the right amount of drugs.

Woland's Divide-By-Zero Man is a myth, just like Captain Sensible-Metal-Gear-Plot or President Hilary Clinton.

For the millionth time, zee is zae is featured in a Comedy Goldmine. But for the first time, her contribution isn't last in alphabetical order.

Yes, zodwallop is the final contributor to this article. Celebrate this fact by using your eyes to view the following image.

That's all for this week, please leave and return to your Fortress of Solitude. Look out for the Burger King tie-in with this Comedy Goldmine next time you enjoy a delicious Whopper and receive a free Captain Cockblock plastic cup. As always, thanks to the SUPER forum goons for their help. Next week's Goldmine will be another can't-miss article, so make sure to read it next Tuesday as you wait for your illegal download of the latest Hollywood blockbuster to complete, you thieving scum.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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