Being a fan of movies about ancient reptilian creatures, such as Jurassic Park, Godzilla and Sex And The City, I was extremely happy to see what the forum goons had been working on this past week. Illustrating dinosaurs was the theme of the week, but there was an interesting twist to make things as unexpected as John McCain's upcoming rap CD. "Stick to what you know" was the inspiration our artists decided up, as the giant dinos were to be drawn in a way which makes them appear extremely obese. Step into my time machine and take a trip back to an age when thunder lizards ruled the Earth and the Atkins diet was a strange and disturbing concept.

Awesome Kristin gets this show on the road! Unfortunately the road is the highway to hell and we are all doomed.

C. E. Croix teaches us an important lesson by revealing that dinosaur drool is slightly lighter in color than ocean water.

This image from chachu is so sickeningly cute that I just barfed all over my finest Eminem shirt. Thanks a lot...Not!!!

Worlds collide as nature's perfect killing machines duel over a precious treasure in this scene depicted by the infamous Dendrophilia.

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