• I'm the good home town buddy.
  • IM THE attribution of a fairly uneventful happening to a cool past ghost friend.
  • I'M I'M I'M I am the memegenerator.net text half-covered by the image itself
  • I'm the inevitable death this man will suffer in the near future as a result of forgetting that fire is hot or somethign.
  • I am the two weeks in time between a friend's death and his single contact with the living - to turn off an oven.
  • Also, get this: Im the oven.

  • 1. That's me
  • 2. I'm HumanityHasFailed123
  • 3. That's me
  • 4. That's me
  • 5. All this text is me
  • 6. 3080? Well, that's me
  • 7. I'm the news tag for something acknowledged as having happened two weeks ago

I'm george takei. Thats right ... you'd better believe it. I'm the funny george takei man from star track in the sixties and today i'm "with it" on social media and websites even though i'm old. You might know me as "sulu" from "Star Trek" but that doesn't mean I don't have opinions about politics - for example, what if my friend william shatner said his famous khan line as part of a pun while saying congress? Oh yeah - and I'm him too.

g0m posted most of these blurbs in FYAD, and his original thread can now be found in FYAD: Criterion Collection, along with lots of other funny stuff! Also thanks to Yad Rock for the promo text!

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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