Azrael Alexander

I found it shopping the JCPenney outlet with my mother and she couldn't believe that something with a huge glaring spelling error could be mass-produced and sold in stores. Then I showed her this thread.

Killer robot

Voltin Bolt

Knockoff videogames are one of my very favorite things, here are the backs of a couple boxes I scanned from some that my brother picked up.

Apparently this entire game is a from-scratch knockoff, not based on any existing games. The booklet for it was two pages folded and stapled.

Why they didn't just copy the regular text I don't know... but I am endlessly grateful for it.

Corndog Maestro

Lario and Muigi?


Enough of this idol worship, let's put the Christ back in Christmas!

eating only apples

Words cannot describe how glittery they were. They are money boxes. I regret not buying one, I'm going to go back, I need a sparkly Jesus money box in my life.

kyat: You put money in them by decapitating them?


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