My mom and I make a hobby out of looking for terrible knockoffs. Here is a portion of our haul during our semi-annual trip to Dollar Buyz.

The titles for these two are what crack me up most, along with the obscure produce (I'd never even heard of shaddock before seeing this)

I don't even have a comment for this one, besides that it appears to be some sort of Velcro:

This one isn't necessarily a knockoff, but it certainly has some of the most unnecessary Photoshop I've seen in a while. I think they actually cut the head out of a picture and glued it onto another baby's body.

Lolitas Alright!

This is the "Insta-Slit", made to open those ridiculous plastic packages that electronics come in. I love the vaguely sexual name, too. It has a list of things that it can open on it, and it says that you can use the product to open the package it comes in.

This guy is seriously pissed off about hard-to-open plastic packages. I guess he doesn't own a pair of scissors, or a utility knife!

Part-Time Robot

Behold, Happy Baby.

I'm not sure I like the sound of this.

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