All the children are tucked in their beds, sugar-plum fairies dancing in their heads. Now it's time for X-mas to get XXX!

Let's complete the vibrator set that started with Santa there. You'll also need "confused chef," "clown" and "nurse."


Shocking penis gun.

If someone handed me a penis shaped gun the last thing I'd expect is it shocking me.

davidspackage: "It looks like a normal naughty gun but it is not!"

I must admit, I don't usually expect to get an electric shock when my co-workers are prodding me with their gun penises.

dr_zaius: You're forgetting that it's also a light! Funny AND practical.

Radio Help

somebody had to carve this.


They have a fleshlight shaped like a foot. What in the fuck.


You can overcome years of Catholic guilt with a Stigmata Fleshlight.

Thanks to the SA Goons for tracking down all that crap! Check back the next two weeks to find out what tales of woe transpire when people don't follow our Christmas-gift advice! Or maybe those things happen when they do...

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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