James Hardon

  • "Save some for the fish!"
  • "Cold enough for ya?"
  • "Slow down there, champ!"
  • "Aaaahhhh!" (every time they finish taking a drink)

no they will not

[While they're drinking, so they can't respond] What're you drinking, piss? Is that piss? Are you drinking piss.

Triticum Guzzler

i just shake my head and derisively snort out a plume of sand/dust from my nose at these thirsty boys


chug chug chug *they go for it but start choking and coughing* aw weaaaak *they fall to the floor still coughing, making the gesture for choking* weaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

El Kooserino

Nice bot'. (If the bottle is nice)

James Hardon

Nigga why you babysitting only two or three sips? imma show you how to turn it up a notch: first you get a swimming pool full of water and you dive in.

Yad Rock

No, it's honestly more pathetic than infurating. At this point I'm just amused by how sad your whole water bottle sperging is making you look. BEEP BOOP I AM ROBOT INSERT WATER. Get therapy, ASAP

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– FYAD (@g0m)

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