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Library Fountain

Shaggy Butte Public Library

147 Ponderosa St

228 reviews

Shaggy Butte
22 Reviews


yeah so im not like all about finding the hippest scene fows, but like... this is probably the douchiest fountain in town. i'm sorry. the water is good and everything, but i saw a guy in a counting crows tshirt drinking here. REALLY???? 1994 much dude??? maybe this place is cool at night but during the day it's full of fucking squares and job creators and their shitty kids

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Shaggy Butte
109 Reviews


Well, the dorks over at seem to think this fountain is King Drink of Fountain Mountain, but I was unimpressed. First of all, I have a healthy respect for classic fountains, but let's face it: this thing is a relic. You can see the screw holes from where they removed the "Whites Only" sign, for fuck's sake. I don't want to sound like a snob, but how can you get any satisfaction from a DF frequented by yuppies, kids and guys bathing their grandpas? I can name 50 fows in this town that are more relevant and are doing more for the scene. Skip it, unless you're into bullshit mainstream fountains.

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Shaggy Butte
80 Reviews


Haha I am not usually into "ironic" fountains but this shit is hilarious. You can just hang here all day and watch the old-ass waterspotters in their coke bottle glasses measuring the flow and shit. Normally I wouldn't be caught dead at fow this lame, but watching the old heads shit their pants over the pH level is priceless

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Shaggy Butte
74 Reviews


My parents were in town and they wanted to hit the library, and of course I got dragged to this clanky-ass bubblebox. They were like "don't you want a drink?" but I just had to laugh-- if they knew anything at all about DFs they'd notice I was wearing a vintage Nakamori Basins shirt! HELLO! I'm not going to poison my body with this McDonalds level garbage juice.

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55 Reviews


Uhhh yeah right dude, I wouldn't PISS in this fountain with HITLER'S DICK. Giving it one star cause I can't give it zero.

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I had the great misfortune of stopping for a drink at the Public Library fountain when I was on the road in 1988, and it left an indelible rusty shit stain on my soul. This fountain is phony Americana bullshit, pandering to morons and the elderly. I don't pass through Shaggy Butte often, but when I do I make sure to drive by this fucker and give it the finger. I fantasize about taking a hammer to this monstrosity. I'd rather suck sulfur out of a bird's asshole. I'm giving it five stars because it's my greatest enemy.

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You know how you can just look at a fow and immediately be like "I bet loves this shit?" Yeah, this is one of those. I'd probably choke down a few gulps if I was dying of thirst or something, but seriously, this thing should be wearing a fedora.

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Shaggy Butte
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You know what? I'm from and proud of it. You hipster idiots do not know JACK DICK about drinking fountains. I had to sign up because I saw all the reviews of the PL fountain, and it's crystal clear that NOBODY knows anything about flow level, bubbler calibration, basin depth, or any other REAL thing. You're all just jerking off over pretentious meaningless bullshit. This is one of the best fountains in town from a technical standpoint. Who gives a shit if it's not "punk" enough or whatever.

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Rain Check
Shaggy Butte
192 Reviews


Boring and extremely overrated fountain. Soulless, middle-of-the-road DF for the kind of NPR-listening yuppies who maybe go to one fountain a year. I was shocked when it topped Spout & About's top ten last year, since they usually at least try to pretend they give a shit about innovation and creativity... I guess they're just trying to sell more copies by putting mainstream fountains on the cover, but there's just no excuse for hyping the PL fountain. This thing might as well be a drain wrapped in concrete.

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Shaggy Butte
1 Review


Hella sick 'tain. Out with my boys the other night and they were like hey bro I heard there's a dope 'tain in this neighb. So we hit that shit..... mad decent spig on this bad boy, chromed up and shit. Basin game on point. The bros were all hooting. Only wack shit was the people. There were six or seven old guys trying to crowd us out cause I guess they wanted to fill up bottles but i was like, yo back off and don't bogue the font, brah. Also a dweeb drove by in a van and flipped the fountain off. Yo so I had to sign up on this shit and tell all the DF bros that this thing is dope. I tried to sign up on but they ask you math questions and shit when you join???

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– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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